24th June, 2018

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LRS Lexington Reception Why Outsource Your Reception Services? POSTED: June 21st, 2018

Reception is one of the most important aspects of any organisation because it is often the first place guests and employees arrive. So, is outsourcing reception services the right decision for you?

Anarica - LRS Exploring A Career As A Receptionist? POSTED: May 9th, 2018

Here we catch up with Anarica Ball, Reception Team Leader at Lexington Reception Services (LRS). We asked her to share her perspective on life at Lexington, working as a receptionist and what great customer service …

Beatrix - LRS - Receptionist Meet Our Receptionist – Beatrix Fekete POSTED: May 9th, 2018

To mark National Receptionist Day we caught up with Beatrix Fekete, Receptionist at Lexington Reception Services. Beatrix has been working with Lexington for two years now and is based in a multinational energy company. Here she …

Kelleyanne_LRS Working As A Receptionist With Lexington POSTED: May 8th, 2018

We caught up with Kelleyanne Clarke, Receptionist, at Kier Property Management, ahead of National Receptionist Day tomorrow to find out more about her life as a receptionist. Here she tells us more.

Amy Korhonen - Front of House Manager - LRS Front Of House Manager – Is It A Job For You? POSTED: May 2nd, 2018

Amy Korhonen, Front of House Manager at Kier Property Management, joined Lexington Reception Services (LRS) a couple of months ago. We caught up with her to find out more about her role.  

Lexington Reception Services - Contact Us How Front Of House Can Support An Office Move POSTED: February 22nd, 2018

“They” say that moving house is the most stressful thing people go through in their lives. If this is true, and few who have bought and sold property doubt that it is, how much worse …

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