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Building Move and Service Culture Introduction

In June 2019, LRS was appointed as the Front of House Service partner for one of the most prestigious consultancy firms in the UK. With a team of 16 Front of House Operatives involving duties from ground floor reception meet and greet, client floor meeting room suite management, room and event space bookings and switchboard, the client appointed LRS to introduce a modern, flexible service.

Building Move

The appointment was extremely important as it involved a high profile building move, after spending 18 years in their current building. 

We appointed a Project Manager in addition to the Operations Manager to ensure the move was a success. LRS was involved in the final stages of construction to ensure the best possible solutions were in place front of house for when the building opened.  

Mapping Client Journey

We created detailed client journey maps for every area within the building and every eventuality, including announced visitors, forgotten passes, VIP arrivals and unannounced visitors. We also introduced workshops and role playing on site before the building move to ensure the team was comfortable to deal with every scenario. 

New Systems & Processes

The client also introduced a new room booking system. Our Project Manager was actively involved with the development of the system, meeting with the developers to ensure system was set up correctly to provide the most efficient and high impact service to the client’s visitors and bookers. 

We introduced Lobby Hosts and Client Suite Floor Hosts, equipped with tablets so they could move around flexibly in these areas, anticipating visitor arrival, checking meeting rooms by updating their status and assisting with online information.

Building Launch

For the building launch we also introduced Floor Concierge roles on each working floor, to help the client community settle into their new building. They were particularly helpful with building coordination, fact finding and facilities issues. 

Since the move the feedback received has been astonishing, with the client’s Managing Director singling out the Front of House team’s service as the key to the success of the high profile move.