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Here we catch up with Kevin Colclough-Noble, General Manager – Reception, Hospitality & Catering Services, within Elior and Lexington.


Kevin has worked in hospitality for over twenty years. He currently manages a team of over 30 people for a large financial services organisation that is home to thousands of employees and visitors.


Providing a positive guest and employee experience is a key priority for Kevin and no easy task as he manages such a large number of areas including reception, the events desk, food and beverage, hospitality meeting rooms, switchboard and the facilities help desk. We caught up with him to find out a little more about what he does to create a positive experience for guests and employees.


How do you personally define good service?

Good service is determined by attitude.  The willingness to deliver good service is paramount. Politeness, cheerfulness, attentiveness and positivity will ensure a guest receives memorable experience.


Talk us through what you are trying to achieve from a visitor experience perspective

It is likely when a visitor comes to our site, there is a sense of excitement and anticipation due to the uniqueness of the building.  We want that excitement and anticipation to continue as they enter the building and engage with our team members and experience our services.


How do you ensure a seamless visitor experience?

All facilities management providers are located in the same area with desks adjacent to each other and close by to our day-to-day and senior client.  We have a weekly briefing with our client and monthly operations meetings. We are customers to each other so recognise the need to provide great service to any visiting guests is key.


How much focus is placed on coaching and development for your team?

We utilise the company-wide award-winning customer service training programme, eXperience, and have service champions in all areas of our operation.


What do you do to ensure your visitors and your team have a positive interaction?

We have some fantastic training in place and processes to support the team. But this is largely done by observation and leading by example.


How do you capture feedback?

Feedback is central to our success. In addition to speaking regularly to employees and visitors we capture feedback via:

– Monthly guest surveys

– Customer comments slip at till points

– Building phone App will be launch soon, which will allow us to capture feedback


Three top tips for others who want to build a culture visitors and employees love

– Smile – it’s the gateway to successful engagement

– Demonstrate a “can do” attitude

– Deliver more than the guest is expecting