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Enhancing Our Reception Services with Technology

In an era where technology is rapidly evolving, the landscape of front desk management is continually reshaping. Embracing this wave of change, we are proud to leverage technology to not only support our services but to redefine our presence in the industry. Partnering with Sentry Interactive, we have seamlessly integrated 3-in-1 kiosk technology into our offering, marking a pivotal step towards a more dynamic and efficient service delivery.

How can front desk service teams leverage technology to enhance overall efficiency? 

The answer lies in the transformative capabilities of digital self-service kiosks for visitor management. These kiosks not only facilitate digital sign-ins but also incorporate digital communications during idle states, showcasing external brand promotions or internal enterprise messages to engage and educate visitors.

Collaborating with Sentry Interactive, we have begun utilising a third feature: a remote on-call live digital receptionist. This 24/7 interactive service acts as a digital extension of our front desks, providing assistance while maintaining a human touch through live two-way video feeds. This feature differs from a virtual receptionist, offering reception teams the flexibility to work remotely and efficiently manage multiple front desk locations, especially where deploying on-site staff may not be cost-effective.

The adoption of Sentry Interactive’s digital receptionist technology has enabled some of our staff to work remotely, overseeing multiple front desk locations with the same level of efficiency. This newfound flexibility has expanded our service reach to sites that previously didn’t necessitate a complete front desk team but are now open to a cost-effective digital solution that operates remotely. This strategic move allows us to uphold the quality of our service, attract new clients, and optimise the time and resources associated with hiring and training new staff.

By combining traditional service with innovation, we have seamlessly integrated face-to-face staff with cutting-edge technology, resulting in the most effective visitor experience. 

Jane Streat, Head of LRS, emphasises, “Working with Sentry represents LRS’s commitment to utilising the latest technology to provide our clients with the best possible customer service. It has brought a value-add to our service, allowing us to diversify and optimise resources via a remote working solution. In this way, we are creating new opportunities to welcome less-abled bodied employees, enhancing the inclusivity of our workforce. We are also now able to streamline operations across multiple sites with our on-site staff working alongside the 3-in-1 kiosk technology to help automate repetitive tasks that were taking up staff time.”