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Why Outsource Your Reception Services?


Reception is one of the most important aspects of any organisation because it is often the first place guests and employees arrive. 


It’s the responsibility of individuals working on reception to provide a fabulous first impression because it is this that really does set the tone and demonstrate the culture of the workplace and organisation beyond.


Make a good first impression

A good reception team will make visitors and employees feel welcome and this puts the foundations in place for successful operations. Knowing this, many organisations might wonder why they would outsource such a vital cog in their machine.


The actual decision whether or not to outsource or who to outsource to will of course be determined by the culture and values of your organisation, but there is a compelling argument to be made.


Use the experts

First of all, you would be placing that vital cog in the hands of experts. From the receptionists themselves, to the people managing them, experts know what works and what doesn’t. They understand how to streamline a service whilst improving quality, and how to add that little something extra to an organisation. You wouldn’t hesitate to hire a professional when it came to your plumbing, car or physical health. Why should reception services be any different?


Similarly, experts don’t just come with expertise, they often come backed with resources. Reception service specialists, like those at Lexington Reception Services, have the support of an entire company behind them. This company can focus all their attention on providing the best possible experience for your guests and your workforce.


At Lexington we not only provide award winning training to our team, arming them with the tools to take ownership of the service, but we also provide the time, the experience and the resources to explore different avenues of innovation, give strategic consultation and save you valuable time to look after they key areas within our own business.


This team will be on hand, not just during day-to-day operations, but whenever the unexpected occurs. No organisation, no matter how large or how successful, can plan for everything. Expert reception teams know how to keep everything running smoothly even when things aren’t going as planned.


Outsourcing reception can be more cost effective

In many cases outsourcing reception services can actually save an organisation resources. The time and cost associated with hiring in-house receptionists, training them, furnishing their workspace and covering holiday and sick pay are often taken out of the equation. You can simply hand these tasks over to your reception service provider.


All of this means that your organisation can focus solely on what you do best, your time is free to provide your core service to the best of your ability.


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