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Working As A Receptionist With Lexington


We caught up with Kelleyanne Clarke, Receptionist, at Kier Property Management, ahead of National Receptionist Day tomorrow to find out more about her life as a receptionist. Here she tells us more.


How long have you worked for Lexington & what attracted you to us? 

I have worked for Lexington since July 2017. I started working at one of their sites in a temporary position – I was so impressed by how happy the support staff who visited our site were and how fulfilled they seemed within their roles. 


What attracted you to work in reception services? 

I had always worked in hospitality and enjoyed the face-to-face aspect of the work so a move onto the reception desk seemed like a natural transition. I like the fact that no two days are exactly the same and we get to interact with different people daily so it is never ever boring. 


Can you talk me through a typical day for you?

We have a lot going on here and it’s always busy! Because it’s a brand-new building, it is the new place to be and lots of people from our other offices tend to visit on a day-to-day basis.


We are certainly kept busy between emails, visitors, meeting rooms and phone calls. Everything we do focuses on making sure our tenants and guests in the building are comfortable and have what they need.


What do you love most about your role?  

The new friends I’ve made within the Lexington team and the new site. Everyone have been incredibly welcoming and included us within social events and activities, which has really made a difference.


Tell us about some of the biggest challenges in your role

We started as the client moved into their new building so everything was new. The new security system, in particular, took quite a lot of getting used to – our role was to support tenants through the change and make it as seamless as possible.


What are you most proud of in your career?

I’m most proud of how well I take care of visitors and it has been fantastic to hear such positive feedback about how I make their visit memorable. It’s always a pleasant surprise when a visitor says ‘hi’ to me and tells me that they remember me from a previous visit to the office – it’s reassurance that I’m consistently doing a good job.


 Tell us three secrets to creating a great experience at reception…


Your receptionist is the face of your business, the first impression many customers have so appearance is important. A good receptionist makes visitors feel welcome and comfortable. 



Greeting a visitor by name is a meaningful detail that adds to the way they experience doing business with your company. There is nothing more flattering than walking into a building and the receptionist greeting you by name – it leaves you with a lasting impression of that company and that is what we want.



Good communication with visitors can vastly improve a visitor’s experience to the office. No guest wants to be left waiting without an update in terms of when the meeting/appointment is likely to commence. You should immediately inform the relevant person when their guest arrives and if the host is delayed it is important to keep the visitor informed and ensure they have what they need and are comfortable. 



Where have you personally experienced the best customer service and why was it so good?

Without a doubt, it was when I visited the Bahamas. I had the most amazing experience and the customer service was flawless. I had been working in a country club, in Florida, where customer service was expected to be 5 Star but this was beyond anything I had ever experienced before. Everyone went above and beyond.



What advice would you give someone considering a career as a receptionist?

Get out there apply for roles. Always be well presented and have a huge smile on your face and you’ll go far!



Sum up good customer service in three words

 Empathy, Satisfaction and Patience


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