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Celebrating our Receptionists this National Receptionists’ Day

Today is National Receptionist Day, and in celebration of this day, we reached out to some of our longest-serving receptionists at Lexington to find out what they love about working here. We are grateful for their feedback and cannot thank our amazing receptionists enough for their dedication and hard work!

“I’ve been with LRS for 8 years and I’m incredibly thankful for the opportunities I’ve received. Lexington is a fantastic company that allows me to interact with people from all walks of life and grow internally. Since joining, I’ve learned a lot and developed both personally and professionally. Lexington is a fun and supportive workplace, organising seasonal gatherings and offering continuous support. I highly recommend Lexington as they truly value and appreciate their people.”

“I love working for Lexington and am proud to be part of a team that fosters self-growth and individuality. The support and encouragement from our operations managers are exceptional, making Lexington a great place to work.”

Reflecting on my time at Lexington Reception Services, I’m reminded of my journey since moving to the UK five years ago. Lexington was my first job here, and I’ve stayed ever since. It’s not just the work; it’s the environment and the people that make it special.

One memorable moment was when I first joined Lexington. Moving to a new country and starting a new job was a significant transition, but from day one, I felt welcomed and supported. The camaraderie and sense of belonging left a lasting impression. Over the years, I’ve had numerous special moments, from assisting guests in need to celebrating team achievements. Each experience has contributed to my growth and appreciation for LRS.

What sets LRS apart is its professionalism combined with warmth and inclusivity. I’ve never felt the need to look for another role because LRS offers everything I could ask for in a workplace. The company’s values and culture have kept me here, continuing my journey with them.”

“I enjoy working for Lexington because the work my team and I do daily significantly impacts the company’s progress. Without us, the business couldn’t run its meetings and day-to-day operations. Lexington shapes and moulds its people into competent workers and supports each person throughout their journey. The sense of community, regular staff correspondence, and meetings with operations managers keep us connected.”

“I love working at Lexington because of its client-driven focus. At every level of the company, the main goal is to cater to clients’ needs, and this dedication is evident across all staff members. In my short time here, I’ve had numerous client interactions, and the ability to provide bespoke services is incredibly satisfying. Not only are client needs met, but they also see that we are genuinely there for them.”

“There are several reasons why I’m proud to work at my company. First and foremost, Lexington genuinely cares about its employees and wants to see them succeed. They offer extensive training and development opportunities to help employees grow and advance in their careers.”

“One of the many reasons I love working for Lexington is its outstanding reputation in the industry. Working for such an esteemed organisation provides numerous opportunities and experiences that will help me grow both personally and in my career.”

Today, we honour our receptionists, who are the true heartbeat of Lexington, thank you for all that you do!