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Lex go mobile!

We’ve been developing a series of apps for our employees and customers to ensure the user journey is more personalised and, as a result, much more human. Here’s a taster of what we’ve been doing:

LRS app

We are working with some of our clients to enrich the reception experience with our five-star, concierge-style service, introducing a high-tech visitor app to improve customer service and efficiency.

This technology will enable reception teams to make the service much more human and personalised, taking service to the point of convenience of the visitor.

Lex food app

This app will provide our customers access to one-off promotions, foodie events and other live marketing information. There will be the opportunity to provide instant feedback on their experiences and service, creating a much more personal approach.

Lex DNA app

Our LexDNA evaluation tool was created to ensure that our core values and beliefs continue to be our strength and point of difference as we grow.

The new Lex DNA app allows every member of our team to access feedback immediately, regardless of their location. This will make it much easier for managers to monitor quality and for individual sites to evaluate their working space and respond to concerns more quickly.

Whilst technology does not replace the human touch, customers expect it in today’s digital world and it can be used to help improve the customer journey and personalise the offering.

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