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Pairing Taste, Good Service And Technology!

Lexington has been developing a series of apps for our employees and customers to ensure the user journey is more personalised and, as a result, much more human. These are now operating in a couple of our sites:

Lexington Reception Services

Our new LRS app supports our clients by allowing them to book meeting rooms and helps improve overall experience and the journey for guests.

The app has the potential to eliminate the formality of registering at the front desk and enables the reception team to create a much more personal approach because it lets them know who is arriving.

It allows guests to access information about the facilities in the building, local area and local amenities. Clients have the option to include travel updates and information about the business and staff.

The app can also be used to support events: this makes it easy for businesses to engage with attendees pre, post, and during the event. It will enable the event organisers to easily manage attendee lists, communication and create a more personal approach.

Jane Streat, Head of Client Services at LRS says. “We’re bringing an enhanced experience and a sense of choice to guests while offering unparalleled customer service – and the new app is central in accomplishing this.”

Lexington Catering

Our new LexyFood app, is tailored to each client and works alongside a bespoke website dedicated to the catering services at site. The app allows customers to view the menu, access offers, meet the team, learn about healthy eating options and find out more about suppliers – all at the swipe of a finger!

Julia Edmonds, Managing Director at Lexington says, “The idea was to blend great hospitality – food and service – with technology.”

We’ve also introduced a hospitality ordering system, via an iPad, which is available in meeting rooms. This makes guest interaction, food and drink preparation and other essential functions faster, simpler and more responsive.